Squirt Guns

by The Mayberries

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Recorded in bedrooms in basements throughout the Northeast.


released February 27, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Far To Wander
Keep yourself from dreaming
Drinking fast
Sick of good intentions
Did I forget to mention that

I am not an honest man
Imagine that

Keep your distance
One word's enough to make me bleed
I'll send you packing,
Then crawl to touch your sleeve

You could never understand
Who I am
Track Name: Deserter
Can you help me
Find my man?
He's taken off
To somewhere new again

No indication
He'd be gone
When I awoke at noon this Sunday

He left his sweaters
Blue and green
Set for somewhere warm
This time, it seems

He'll send a letter
Someday soon
Dressed intention
A token of gratitude
Track Name: No Comfort
He came in earnest
Brandished his gun
Found it was useless
Nothing had been won

Ten-thousand secrets
Held to his chest
Rotting a hole there
No one knew him yet

No comfort
In books he'd read
No patience
For idle friends

He came the furthest
He'd ever been
No thoughts of pity
For any other men

No comfort
In tales he'd told
No patience
For new and old
Track Name: In My Car
Been waiting,
Been waiting for your hand

Across the room
I've been wanting,

I'll drive you 'round
If you'll give me the chance

To get a--
Get a closer look

Sever the semblance, man
You can't smirk and sneer all night
Don't tell me you don't need a lift
And I don't care which terms you choose
I'm gonna get you in my car

Been waiting,
Been waiting for your hand

Across the room
I've been wanting,

Do you bleed?
Do you know I'm burning?
To see the side of a passenger

You've got it all sussed out
Towers flushed with gold and green
You've got some pictures in your mind
Held last with nothing new
I'm gonna get you in my car
Track Name: Any Other
She packs up her bags
And she listens
To the picture-pure lines
She'd been given
And she'd like to believe
That the blood on her hands

Doesn't belong to someone else

She played her dues
In the summer
Felt she was unlike
Any other
She sang 'Hickory Wind,'
Shaking hands in the city

But she knew that it couldn't last
Trading life for a pat on the back

She packs up her bags
And she wonders
If she was ever unlike
Any other
Now harmonies sound temporary

And the melody's not as good as it seems
Track Name: Last Verses
She couldn't keep herself
From thinking
What if the horrors
She'd been dreaming
Weren't so far from the truth?
Nothing spoken
Nothing new

She'd been toiling
In the bedroom
Drowning deadbeats
In her perfume
Wrapped in sheets,
She looked so pure
Folded linen like before
Track Name: Wandering Belle
Took another winter
She'd been waiting for the door
To open wide, unprompted
Like it always had before

Air had never felt so cold
This far from home